Elk NetworkBurris Presents Cowboy Insurance

Sponsored Content | June 28, 2023

Collaboration and partnerships between conservation organizations, landowners, and ranchers are vital for effective wildlife conservation. By recognizing and supporting the conservation efforts of ranchers, we can foster a shared commitment to balancing the needs of wildlife and agriculture. This collaborative approach allows for the implementation of sustainable land management practices, the protection of critical wildlife corridors, and the establishment of conservation easements that secure long-term habitat protection.

Predator management on cattle ranches can also have indirect benefits for elk populations by reducing predation pressures and creating a safer environment for elk to thrive. Cattle ranches often implement predator management strategies to protect their livestock, such as employing guardian animals, using fencing and deterrents, and occasionally removing or relocating predators. These efforts can help mitigate conflicts between predators and livestock, which can inadvertently impact elk populations.

Experience “Cowboy Insurance,” an original film by Burris Optics, taking you to Gateway Simmental Ranch in Lewistown, Montana. Follow Jim Butcher and his sons, Logan and Brock, as they tackle the challenges of ranching in a raw and demanding environment. Witness their efforts during the intense two-month calving season, where they combat unpredictable weather and predators to ensure the safety of their calves.

From protecting newborns to locating strays and defending the herd against coyotes, “Cowboy Insurance” provides a rare glimpse into the daily life of modern ranchers. Discover how Burris thermal optics have made the Butchers’ job more efficient, saving them time and resources.

Join us as we explore the practical applications of thermal gear. Brock, who works the night shift, demonstrates how he uses Burris thermals to protect the calves, monitor the herd, and find lost animals in the dark. While thermal technology improves efficiency and equipment durability, being a cowboy is never easy—and that’s exactly how they like it.

Immerse yourself in the real-world challenges of ranching and witness the impact of Burris thermal optics firsthand.

Watch until the end to see a preview of the NEW Burris Thermal V2 line of products!