Elk NetworkBugling Bulls with Steve Chappell

Gear 101 | June 27, 2019

Steve Chappell, host of Elk Camp TV and elk outfitter, uses his signature series of calls to bring in a nice bull into bow range for one of his clients.

In this video, you can see the interaction of this bull with the call sequence. The interaction will hopefully give you some tips for your next hunting season.

Gear List


The Rogue bugle tube is designed for use with diaphragm calls. With the patented V.E.T.T. (Volume Enhanced Tone Technology) the compact size still creates the volume of a full-size tube. The coil spring increases volume, stabilizes higher notes and maintain higher pitches.


The Matriarch is an open reed call with a wooden barrel that produces the nasally estrus sounds and can imitate the estrus scream. It has a wide reed and band for proper lip placement.

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