Elk NetworkBraving the Alaskan Wilds: The Rokman Waterproof Caribou Hunt Experience

Sponsored Content | July 8, 2024

Rokman Waterproof

There’s something about the wild, untouched landscapes of Alaska that transforms an ordinary hunting trip into an epic adventure, and this was certainly the case when we embarked on our first caribou hunting expedition.

The biggest challenge when hunting these magnificent creatures isn’t always the hunt itself but the daunting task of retrieving them from the wilderness. Locals have mastered the art of hunting near rivers, choosing their targets based on location rather than size due to the sheer enormity of these animals.

We found ourselves miles away from our truck when Brandon made the shot. The process of field dressing and preparing the caribou for transport was a monumental task. Systematically quartering it and arranged the pieces—hindquarters, front quarters, head, hide, and all strapped to our Scout 3800 Packs.

This was the ultimate test of our gear and strength, as we carried the animal on our backs. The efficiency and durability of our packs were proven beyond doubt, each component designed to withstand and evenly distribute the heavy load.

For hunting enthusiasts dreaming of taking on the Alaskan wilderness, the Rokman Waterproof Pack offers not just a solution to the challenges posed by the environment but a way to elevate the hunting experience itself. It’s about stepping into the wild, prepared for anything, with the confidence that your adventure will be as rewarding as the hunt.

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