Elk NetworkAlaska Friends Find Interlocked Moose Antlers Encased in Ice

General | June 21, 2018

Novembers in Alaska can downright frigid. 2016 was no different. 

Two men in Unalakleet stumbled upon a truly unique discovery. They found two full-grown bull moose carcasses frozen in the ice with their antlers sticking up into the air.

“It was an amazing sight when we first got there,” Jeff Erickson, told The Alaska Life. “The clear ice made it a surreal scene with the battle and two big bulls still locked in the struggle under the ice.”

Erickson and Brad Webster got some tools and removed portions of the animals that they could. Turns out the meat was not fit for human consumption but it made some sled dogs happy.

The heads and interlocked antlers are on display at a local bible camp.

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(Photo source: The Alaska Life)