Elk NetworkAiling Bull Put Down after Attacking Vehicles

General | April 1, 2019

Wildlife officials in Grand Teton National Park euthanized a bull elk after it had attacked at least two cars. It happened near the small town of Kelly in northwest Wyoming.

“Our biologist immediately thought something was up with the elk, gave him time to rest and space to move on its own, and it did not,” Denise Germann, park spokeswoman, told the Jackson Hole News & Guide. “The elk was near death, and it was a safety hazard…and he was in extremely poor body condition.”

The elk reportedly rammed into the hood of one car and broke its radiator while also shattering a window.

Such incidents are more common in Yellowstone Park where some tourists can’t seem to keep their distance. In 2018, a bull punctured four holes in the side of a pickup in Canada’s Jasper National Park.

(Photo source: Dennis Jones)