We can't let our guard down... we can't relax... we can't look away as elk habitat - and our hunting heritage- are threatened

We are united in one mission:

To ensure that wild places survive into the future, and that we will always be able to enjoy the traditions,
the way of life, and the excitement of hunting.

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Since 1984, RMEF has been safeguarding favorite places and cherished traditions  – by protecting and managing lands in America’s last best wild country.

Right now, every one of us who cares about these majestic animals, who lives for fresh air on a cool morning and the clear bugle of a bull… we all have to stand up, and make our numbers count and our voices heard.

That’s why this winter we’re offering a special bonus for everyone who joins RMEF at $35 or more.


Browning Blaze Field Dressing Set

Browning 5-piece set with large, comfortable, rubberized handles. Shaving-sharp stainless-steel blades make east work of the toughest processing chores. This set includes a Drop-Point Knife w/Guthook, T-Handle Bone Saw, Caping Knife, Latex Gloves and a Hard-Side Carry Case, made with quality materials and Browning Craftsmanship.

Your RMEF Membership will also include these benefits
  • A full year (6 issues) of our colorful magazine, Bugle, filled with field-tested tips to make your time afield more successful.
  • Discounts on car rentals, office supplies and many other goods and services.
  • RMEF membership card and decals.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to protect elk country and elk hunting for future generations.

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Franchi Momentum Elite Rifle

Plano All-Weather 52' Rifle Wheeled Case

Gerber Dime Multi Tool