Elk NetworkWolves Attack Dog in Duluth City Limits

General | June 4, 2019

Two wolves attacked a dog in search of shed antlers in a remote, wooded area within the city limits of Duluth, Minnesota.

“I ran at the front wolf and swung so hard that I missed him with the ax head and just hit him with the handle. That was enough to get the wolf off the dog’s front end. But the first wolf was still biting into the dog’s rear and underside,” Paul Moore told the Pioneer Press.

Moore then laid his body over the chocolate lab and kept kicking the wolf until it let go and wandered a little ways off.

The dog suffered five puncture wounds and received treatment from a veterinarian.

Minnesota is home to an estimated 2,655 wolves, well above the state’s wolf management plan yet wolves remain listed under the Endangered Species Act.

(Photo source: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)