Elk NetworkWildlife Officer, Locals Free Tangled Montana Buck

General | October 9, 2018

Below is a Facebook post from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (Region 1)

Today FWP office staff received a call from the public about two bucks that had their antlers locked together. When an FWP game warden arrived, he found that one of the bucks was dead but the other was still very much alive and fighting to get free. The warden used a catch pole to hold the live buck down and, with help from folks who were there, administered an anesthesia using his own designed Iso Pole. With the buck held and under sedation, he cut away the antler from the dead buck and was able to free the live buck.

The buck came out of it rapidly and was able to get up and hop a fence to live another day.

Reports from the public are key to helping FWP carry out its role helping our state’s wildlife resources.

(Photo source: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks)