Elk NetworkWhy Eberlestock Apparel? Overview of the New Technical Apparel Line

Gear 101 | October 14, 2019

You know Eberlestock for backpacks.  We make the world’s best hunting packs and tactical packs.  We’re known for making products that really perform well in the field, that are comfortable on your body, that are highly organized, that are intuitive, and that you can rely upon to get yourself off the mountain whether you’re in Afghanistan, or hunting backcountry Idaho for Elk.  When we decided Eberlestock was going to make performance apparel, the emphasis was on performance. We traveled the world looking for the very best fabrics for each piece. From the coldest Winter nights to the hottest Summer days our layering system will help you stay comfortable.

Eberlestock gear will help you be successful when you GET OUT THERE!