Elk NetworkWeigh In on Colorado Big Game License Distribution

General | February 10, 2023

Colorado introduced legislation in 2022 to reduce nonresident license allocations. While this bill did not pass, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Commission started a process that may change how licenses are distributed. It is taking public comments until February 20, and will address the proposals in a March commission meeting.

Allocations are currently 65/35 (resident/nonresident) in regular draw units, 80/20 in high demand units (six preference points).

A detailed explanation of the proposed changes can be found here.

The changes being considered include:

  • A preference point banking system
  • Averaging group applicant preference points
  • Updating the high-demand hunt code split from 80% to residents and 20% to nonresidents to 90% for residents and 10% for nonresidents
  • An across-the-board license allocation of 75% to residents and 25% to nonresidents

For more information visit the CPW website here.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation encourages all hunters with an interest in Colorado’s license allocation system to make your voices heard by submitting comments here.

(Photo credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)