Elk NetworkWatch: Bull Elk Wearing Full-Sized Tire around Neck Caught on Video

General | June 18, 2020

It’s kind of a crazy sight. A bull elk with a large tire around its neck nonchalantly walks past a game camera in Colorado’s backcountry. It happened in Conifer, a small town in the foothills about 30 miles southwest of Denver.

Given the day-by-day increasing size of the bull’s antlers, it is difficult to see how the tire will wriggle its way off. It may take until the animal sheds its antlers in another five or six months or even later.

The incident also highlights the importance of landowners in being vigilant to secure belongings on their property so they do not negatively impact wildlife.

Here is the Twitter post by CPW (Colorado Parks and Wildlife) NE Region:

One of many reasons why you should pick up after yourself. It’s not always hammocks, decorative lights or netting that our antlered wildlife get caught up in, so it’s important to pick up your trash/possessions.

Go here to watch the video.

(Photo source: Dan Jaynes/Colorado Parks and Wildlife)