Elk NetworkWarne: How Ready Are You For The Season To Begin

Sponsored Content | August 17, 2023

It’s scouting season and that means it’s time to hit the woods. Scouting your hunting grounds is also an opportunity to check your gear as mentioned in our previous post.  While you’re learning the animal’s behaviors and habits in the area, take note of potential shot scenarios. What distances, angles, or positions might you need? Although shooting is easily the smallest part of your time on a hunt, it also determines the ultimate outcome of your hunt.

Ammunition and practice are easily the least expensive part of your hunt, so skimping here makes the least sense. When practicing, keep in mind that there are five main variables that impact accuracy: the shooter, the rifle, the ammunition, the optic, and the bind between rifle and optic. The last of these variables is also the easiest to eliminate by using quality rings and mounts.

Investing in reliable rings and mount, like our strong Maxima line, lightweight Mountain Tech, or affordable Vapor line, is relatively low cost compared to the total cost of your hunt. With that settled, hit the range, or ideally try some practice shots in your hunting environment. Practicing in the field also gives you the opportunity to test your gear once more and build confidence in your kit. If hunting in a new area, this is also a chance to determine if your rifle and scope combination still fits your needs.

Does your scope height allow for a comfortable prone shot? Will you have time for a prone shot?


Squatting or kneeling is more stable than standing, quick to get into, and offers more ground clearance than prone.


The quickest shot position is standing, bracing against a tree adds stability, but at the expense of mobility.

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