Elk NetworkWandering Elk Lookin’ for Love

General | June 11, 2018

A lone bull elk is wandering around the western portion of North Carolina apparently in search of a mate.

“Typically, this time of year some young bulls will just take off on their own and wander,” said Mike Carraway, with North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, told WLOS-TV. “Well, like any teenager he’s probably got that on is mind, and he may be wandering around to look for cows, being that in the little herd he was in before may already have a big bull,”

The two-year-old bull is wearing a collar so wildlife officials have tracked him since he left the Maggie Valley herd in February.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation assisted with the successful Great Smokey Mountains National Park elk reintroduction in 2001.

(Photo source: Barb Kirtley/WLOS-TV)