Elk NetworkVolunteers Improve Michigan Elk Habitat

General | July 10, 2019

A fruitier diet is on the way for elk in Michigan. They just need a little patience before they get it. 

Eighteen volunteers from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recently gathered at the Atlanta elk viewing site on the edge of the Pigeon River Country State Forest in Michigan’s elk country. They hailed from six different RMEF chapters and joined forces with several team members from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources as well as one AmeriCorps volunteer. 

The crew rolled up its sleeves to construct a fenced orchard enclosure project. Volunteers also planted 30 apple and crabapple trees inside the enclosure. The fencing will allow the trees to mature for a number of years without stress from wildlife feeding on them or their fruit. Additional trees will be planted within the enclosure for the next two to three years. After five to eight years, the fencing will be removed, leaving a supplemental food source for elk and other wildlife in the area.   

RMEF volunteers will gather for another work project during the annual Michigan Rendezvous the weekend of September 6-8, 2019. 

See more photos here. 

(Video source: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)