Elk NetworkUse New Reporting Tool to Help Elk in California

General | April 21, 2018

Live in California? Have you seen an elk? Then the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) needs your help. CDFW recently unveiled a new online reporting tool so you can share what and where you saw tule, Rocky Mountain or Roosevelt elk.

“We have limited resources and our scientists cannot scan the entire landscape,” said Pete Figura, CDFW senior environmental scientist. “This tool provides a way for us to leverage the many sightings of the wildlife-watching public. People often get excited when they see elk, and hopefully now they will channel that excitement by reporting the location and time of their sighting to our department.”

Scientists will use the raw data to help guide their efforts to study statewide elk distribution, migration patterns and herd movement, population size estimates, habitat use, health and diseases, and causes of mortality.

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(Photo source: Chris Misita)