Elk NetworkTrain Anywhere, Anytime with the MTNTOUGH Fitness App

Sponsored Content | March 13, 2024

Ready to elevate your outdoor adventures? MTNTOUGH has partnered with RMEF to provide free trials and exclusive discounts on their personalized training app tailored for outdoor enthusiasts.

MTNTOUGH’s fitness app is your go-to companion for achieving peak physical performance. With carefully curated workouts designed to enhance functional strength, durability, and endurance, MTNTOUGH ensures you’re always ready to tackle any challenge.

RMEF members are entitled to a special offer from MTNTOUGH:

  • Free 30-Day Trial: Immerse yourself in the MTNTOUGH experience with a complimentary 30-day trial using code “RMEF” at checkout. Experience firsthand the transformative power of their personalized training programs.
  • Discounts on Annual Subscriptions: RMEF Sportsman, Heritage, and Lifetime Level Members receive significant discounts on annual subscriptions, saving up to 60%. Enhance your fitness journey while saving big! Simply sign in to your RMEF account and follow the links provided to redeem a discounted annual subscription.

By investing in your fitness with MTNTOUGH, you’re not only improving your outdoor pursuits but also contributing to RMEF’s conservation efforts. With every purchase made through this discount program, a portion of the proceeds is donated back to RMEF, helping to support vital conservation initiatives.

Take the first step toward becoming MTNTOUGH today!