Elk NetworkTrack Star’s Secret to Success: Eat Elk Meat!

General | May 9, 2017

Turner Washington throws the discus for Canyon Del Oro High School in Tucson, Arizona. Check that, he throws it a long, long way!

The senior recently set the state record with a toss of 215 feet, 8 inches. Then a mere two weeks later, he increased his record to 217 feet, 5 inches.

What made the difference? Two words—elk meat.

“I grew up with a family of hunters,” Turner Washington told KOLD-TV. “I shot an elk. I was eating a bunch of elk and all of a sudden my lifts starting going up. My strength numbers were going up. Then I ate some elk meat before a track meet and it was the first time I threw 182’. My PR before that was 166’.”

Washington is ranked among the top high school discus throwers in the nation. He will compete at the next level this fall for the University of Arizona.