Elk NetworkThe Most Modular Bino Harness on the Market

Sponsored Content | May 18, 2023

The Recon Modular Bino Harness System was the first binocular harness on the market to combine elements of tactical chest rigs and plate carriers with the essential needs of the backcountry hunter. In doing so, we developed a systematic approach to carrying binoculars and essential gear in a comfortable and effective configuration. Our history and heritage of building premium gear for the military operator, has long inspired us to incorporate elements of military gear and weapon carriage into the world of the backcountry hunter to improve the ergonomics, weight distribution, and accessibility to mission-critical gear at a moment’s notice.

The Recon utilizes both MOLLE webbing and Velcro to integrate a suite of accessories for the most versatile configuration of pouches and accessories available today. Utilizing MOLLE webbing, the magnet-closure Rangefinder Pouch, zippered Utility Pouch, and Bear Spray Pouch can all configure on side wings located on each side of the main binocular pouch. Alternatively, a fleece lined , padded Quickcase, and MOLLE webbing panel can each be integrated utilizing Velcro below the main binocular pouch. Each accessory can be integrated with the main binocular pouch as a single piece, or in a combination to allow up to 5 pieces at a time in a single configuration.

The Recon system feature’s purpose built and mission-driven materials and hardware, like ultra-quiet magnet closures, exceptionally durable Cordura nylon, HD buckles, and strategically used stretch fabric, insulated fleece, and padded areas to keep gear protected and secure. Additionally, the Recon also features ergonomic design, like a pull-forward harness adjustment, forward-opening binocular pouch, and comfortably cut shoulder harness to improve comfort and wearability for extended periods.

Finally, the Recon system has various details to improve the efficiency and versatility of individual pieces. The includes a removable hip-belt to allow the Handwarmer to be worn at the waist, used independently of the Recon pouch. The Rangefinder Pouch features a shock cord lanyard with an ambidextrous quick release  clip. The Utility Pouch features an external slip-pocket for quick access to a mouth call. The MOLLE Panel allows the attachment of a MOLLE-compatible handgun holster for predator-defense. The Quickcase includes light padding for protection of fragile or expensive gear items. The shoulder harness includes MOLLE webbing on its back to allow the integration of a pouch for an ultralight essentials-only kit when worn without a backpack.

The Recon Modular Bino Harness System is the most thought-out, systematic approach to accessible and comfortable gear carriage available to the backcountry hunter. For more information or testimonials on the Recon Bino Harness System or other Eberlestock gear, visit the Eberlestock YouTube page. Experience the distinguished quality and unparalleled durability of Eberlestock packs, gear, and technical apparel today by visiting eberlestock.com. Get Out There.

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