Elk NetworkThe Kill Kit

Gear 101 | October 16, 2017

You’ve got an elk on the ground—awesome! Be sure you have what it takes to slice up that elk in your own kill kit.

  1. Hunting tag/license
  2. Rubber gloves—two pair
  3. Knives—one fixed blade and one Havalon style
  4. Sharpening Stone
  5. Small saw -Great for skull caps and opening the chest cavity.
  6. Ground cloth – Keeps slabs of meat clean. Tarp, hide, contractor garbage bags or old sheets work well.
  7. Para cord – Use to anchor elk on steep slope, spread its legs if you’re working alone and for hanging quarters.
  8. Flagging – Mark your location at the time of your shot, then flag drops of blood to help you visualize the elk’s path and find the next sign and ultimately your animal. Don’t forget to take it down when you’re done.
  9. Old pillowcases or game bags
  10. Unscented wet wipes – A luxury, yes, but nice to have.
  11. Ziploc gallon bags – Great for transporting organs or trash.
  12. Electrical tape – Use it to attach your tag or cover your barrel in foul weather. Wrap some around your knife sheath to save some space.
  13. Zip ties – Like duct tape, you’ll find a use for them.