Elk NetworkSponsoring A RMEF Event Just Got Better

Conservation , Volunteer News | September 22, 2020

Looking for some new and exciting opportunities to fundraise for your local RMEF chapter? We have some great news. In late October 2020, RMEF will launch an exciting new program for 2021 fundraising, the Event Sponsor Program.  This program will allow our volunteers, members and donors to support RMEF banquets and other events at many different levels.

The Event Sponsor Program offers seven graduated levels of sponsorship, ranging from $500 all the way up to $10,000. Every dollar of net income a chapter generates through the Event Sponsor Program will go directly to its local chapter’s event net.

Each level of sponsorship comes with specific incentives for the buyer. The higher the donation level, the more impressive the incentive received. Every purchaser in all levels will receive an incentive. Many of these incentives are quite valuable, having fair market values of $1,000 all the way up to $5,000. Below is a detailed breakdown of the seven sponsor levels and associated incentives.

Level I ($500) Every buyer at this level will receive a set of Yeti Hotshots embellished with the RMEF logo and some of the popular Black Rifle Coffee. Every donor at this level is also entered into a drawing for a Weatherby nutmeg laminate Vanguard rifle with a muzzle brake in .300 WBY. For every five level I sponsorships sold, a rifle will be added, so if fifteen are sold, then three rifles will be given away. This is the only level that has a drawing associated with it. As many of you are aware, the $300 Sponsor membership will be retired at the end of 2020, so this category will be a great replacement option moving forward.

Level II ($1,000) has two incentive options. The first is a Browning Buck Mark Medallion 22LR pistol with custom RMEF grips. For those of you in California, RMEF will provide a slightly different, California-compliant Buck Mark 22LR pistol that still comes with custom RMEF grips.   The other option is a Yeti package that includes a Panga 50 Duffel and Hopper Backflip 24.

Level III ($1,500) comes with a Kimber Micro 9 handgun with Crimson Trace laser grips as well as a pair of custom, walnut RMEF grips. Also included in this package are two seven-round, extended magazines and holster.

Level IV ($2,500) This level comes with a classic, Winchester Model 1892 large-loop Trapper in 45 Colt. This firearm features custom scrollwork engraving on both sides of the receiver and sports the RMEF logo.

Level V ($5,000) features a truly one-of-a-kind, classic pistol from Colt, the Python .357 Mag with 6-inch barrel. This pistol is adorned with custom RMEF grips. It also has gold inlay and custom engraving on the frame, barrel and even the cylinder.

Level VI ($7,500) features an exceptional rifle by Nosler, Model 48 Special Edition in the very popular 28 Nosler caliber. It’s topped with a Leupold VX-5 3-15 x 44 scope with CDS & Windplex.

Level VII ($10,000) features a top-of-the-line rifle package, Weatherby Mark V Backcountry Ti rifle in the new 6.5 Weatherby RPM caliber, paired with a VX-5HD 3-15 x 44 CDS ZL2 side focus scope from Leupold. The rifle will include RMEF logo and engraving on floor plate.

Through the Event Sponsor Program, buyers have the opportunity to pick the level of sponsorship they want to support at the local chapter level, and receive fantastic items for their generous support of the RMEF mission. Recognizing these supporters at the event is a great way to promote the new sponsor program along with giving thanks for their support. Try getting these supporters on stage and present to them their exclusive items in front of all the event attendees!

To include this new program into your 2021 fundraising plan, contact your regional director.