Elk NetworkRMEF Provides Funding for Day of Utah Fishing Fun

General | November 17, 2022

Below is a news release from the Carbon School District in Price, Utah. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation provides grant funding to help youth and adults alike learn more about conservation, hunting, fishing and outdoor activities.

At Mont Harmon, teacher Tom Lasslo has an elective class option called P.E. Explorations. Depending on the level of the class a student takes they will do everything from learning and doing sports like pickleball and corn hole, to doing taxidermy.

Lasslo secured for Mont Harmon funds from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which helps buy archery equipment for the Mont Harmon archery team and Lasslo’s classes, taxidermy forms, fishing equipment and more. He has been using these funds for over seven years now.

Students who take PE Explorations have the opportunity to go on a fishing trip with Mr. Lasslo to the fishing pond at the Carbon Fairgrounds. Students can bring their own fishing gear or simply use the gear provided by the school. They are given worms for bait and set loose to fish at their leisure.

Volunteer teachers from the school travel with Lasslo’s class to aid in removing fish from hooks, cleaning and general instruction. Each student keeps one fish which they then get to cook and eat in class another day.

(Photo credit: Carbon School District)