Elk NetworkRising from the Ashes with the Hearts of STIHL Conservation Project

Sponsored Content | May 23, 2023

After wildfires devastated parts of the Pacific Northwest in 2020, STIHL was inspired to help state parks recover. In 2021, STIHL and a few friends helped plant 2,021 trees to assist with forest and habitat restoration as part of the inaugural Hearts of STIHL project.


Across the United States, the staff of state parks provide environmental stewardship for over 12 million acres of forest and habitat land. After the devastating wildfires that ravaged the Pacific Northwest in 2020, STIHL was inspired by the dedication of the men and women of the state parks to help aid in the wildfire recovery efforts. The Hearts of STIHL project was created to support state park programs who provide responsible forest management, sustainability, recovery, conservation, and environmental education programs.



The Hearts of STIHL Grant

The Hearts of STIHL program provides a $20,000 grant to a park in each of the nation’s six regions—the northwest, north central, central, southwest, northeast, and southeast. The mission of Hearts of STIHL is to help the people and programs who care for our state parks and preserve them for the enjoyment of all Americans, current and future.

Recovery Efforts on the West Coast

In 2021, STIHL and a few friends including MeatEater’s Ryan Callaghan, arborist and Team STIHL member Mark Chisholm, and conservationist, tree farmer, and Rolling Stones music director Chuck Leavell traveled to the west coast to help plant 2,021 trees in two parks that were hit by particularly devastating wildfires.

Collier Memorial State Park

In 2020, Collier Memorial State Park in Oregon experienced a wildfire that burned 400 of its 578 acres. By planting new trees and helping clear damaged ones, we were able to help restore wildlife cover and habitat, plant a diverse set of trees, and help begin to return canopy cover to the forest.

Lake Oroville State Recreation Area

In the Lake Oroville State Recreation Area in California, the North Complex Fire of 2020 burned over 8,700 acres and severely impacted the habitat of the region’s wildlife. Team STIHL helped safely take down several hazardous trees that were damaged in the fire, in addition to planting 2,021 trees to help restore the park’s landscape and aid in habitat recovery.

STIHL’s Commitment to Sustainability

As a leader in outdoor power equipment, STIHL feels it is our duty to set an example in sustainability and support conservation efforts. Part of this duty extends to continuing to innovate technology that allows for environmentally friendly production practices as well as designing powerful tools that operate with maximum fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emissions without sacrificing on power and performance.

Tools For Land Management

If you manage trees surrounding elk habitats or on hunting lands, you need tools that are easy to transport and gentle on the surrounding environment. The battery-powered STIHL MSA 60 C-B tree maintenance chainsaw is ideal for limb removal and tree management. The MSA 60 produces zero exhaust emissions, and its reduced-noise operation allows for fewer disturbances to the environment due to noise. The saw’s lightweight body makes it easy to maneuver while taking care of limbs, and it doesn’t add much weight to carry along on deep treks into the woods. Plus, the saw’s brushless motor makes it virtually maintenance free so you can focus more on hunting and land management and less on tool care.

Learn More About Hearts of STIHL

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