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Gear 101 | July 8, 2019

Now is the best time of year to reflect and prep for next season. 

Now that most seasons have wrapped up, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what worked and more importantly, what didn’t.  Remember the old adage, ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’  This is the best time of year to think about your needs and begin to prep.

‘I was cold last season’ is the most common statement we hear this time of year.  Figuring out the right insulation that best suits your needs is critical.

No one knows how to answer this question better than Jon Douglas, who has been on our Customer Service Team for over 3 years.

QUESTION :: What is the difference between SITKA Gear’s insulating options and which one is best for me?

Jon Douglas :: “It’s best to break it down by activity level and application or use.  First, consider active vs traditional for either a movement phase (stalking or getting out before first light) or static phase (glassing, resting, eating an alpine snack).  Active types of insulation are designed to move moisture effectively but are also more air permeable making them less effective at shearing wind like traditional insulations.

The Men’s and Women’s Kelvin Active Jacket are more of an intermediate layer for movement phases and will manage moisture better than any of our other Insulation options.  They are also our lightest in warmth and pack ability.

The Kelvin Lite Hoody is our most versatile insulation option.  I have worn this in early season situations such as waiting for the sun to rise and late season cold weather situations specifically as an insulation layer under a softshell like our Jetstream Jacket.

The Women’s Kelvin Hoody is perfect for situations such as glassing, or resting in cool to cold conditions.  It’s well insulated, compressible, and 100% windproof.  It’s our most versatile women’s specific insulation especially if you run cold.

The Kelvin Down WS Hoody is 100% windproof and our most insulating option available.  With 9 ounces of fill, it has so much loft that it can’t be worn as a layer, so we designed it to fit over everything you have on.  This is your best option for sitting behind glass or motionless for long periods of time.