Elk NetworkPennsylvania Approves Final 2021-22 Elk Hunting Regulations

General | April 15, 2021

Below is part of a news release from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners voted to issue 187 elk licenses (56 antlered, 131 antlerless) across three 2021-22 seasons. For the one-week general season to run Nov. 1-6, 32 antlered and 77 antlerless tags have been allocated. In the archery season open only in select Elk Hunt Zones, to run from Sept. 11-25, 14 antlered and 15 antlerless licenses are available. And there are 10 antlered and 39 antlerless licenses available for the Jan. 1-8 late season, which in previous years had been open only to antlerless elk hunting.

The elk license allocation has increased from 2020-21, when 164 elk licenses, 36 of them for bulls, were made available. Recent aerial surveys by the Game Commission detected increased numbers of bulls, resulting in an increase in the number of bull licenses. The majority of additional antlered elk tags being made available are in hunt zones where elk-human conflicts are highest.

All elk licenses will be awarded by lottery, and hunters must apply separately for all seasons they wish to be eligible to hunt. Each application costs $11.97, meaning a hunter can enter all three drawings for $35.91. Individuals can be drawn for a maximum of one elk license per license year.

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(Photo source: Charlie Cropp)