Elk NetworkOverwhelming Majority of Habitat for Mexico Wolves is in Mexico

General | February 12, 2021

New research indicates the vast majority of historic range and habitat for Mexican wolves is south of the border in Mexico. The study is the result of a collaborative effort between scientists in Mexico and the United States.

“Mexico contained 90 percent of the Mexican wolf’s historical habitat, so it is unjustified to force recovery entirely in the United States. Efforts to recover Mexican wolves north of historical range, as some have advocated, are not only unnecessary but against federal 10(j) regulations, because suitable habitat exists within historical range,” said Clay Crowder, Arizona Game and Fish Department assistant director, wildlife management division. “This habitat analysis provided the foundation for the current Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan and will guide continued collaborative recovery efforts with Mexico,”

Environmental groups previously demanded Mexican wolves be placed as far north as southern Colorado and southern Utah, however 2018 research data shows pushing the species outside their historic range would threaten their recovery.

(Photo credit:  Arizona Department of Game and Fish)