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RMEF Films | March 30, 2018

As we enter the Memorial Day weekend we pause to remember and honor those in the armed forces who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our liberty. To them and their families, we owe our eternal gratitude.
Because of the men and women we honor this Memorial Day… because of you… because this is the United States of America…I Am Optimistic about the future of this great nation.
Please enjoy the attached video and please have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.
M. David Allen

I am Optimistic…because of the American Nation
You are the World’s only, only…one… only Superpower.
And every democratized country that shares the values of this nation, knows, deep down in the bowels of its government…no matter what they say… and in the hearts of its citizens… no matter what they say….
Deep down, there is the recognition:
That this is the only nation, that ultimately, if push comes to shove, can safeguard those ideals.
The United States of America
I look at your achievements in the revolutionary war, I don’t have to go to recent history, I can go back a little further.
How was it that this group of backwoodsmen was able to defeat the greatest army and navy the world has ever seen?
What is it that’s built inside you that makes that completely improbable event, not only probable, but real?
How do you as a country, fight a civil war, that spills blood across this nation, mingling the blood of brother against brother and son against father north against south, good men against good men, and then have a President who speaks for a few moments on one of the bloodiest of all battlefields and somehow, you put this behind you?
I am Optimistic because of the American nation.