Elk NetworkOld Elk Mount Reveals Historic Secret

General | September 6, 2017

Have you ever stumbled across an ancient artifact?

That’s exactly what happened to a man in Craig, Colorado. But it’s not only what he found, it’s where he found it that raised some eyebrows.

Scott Moore is a taxidermist. He was working to restore an old bull elk shoulder mount. When he reached inside of its skull, he pulled out a yellowing piece of newspaper from the first edition of the Yampa Valley Democrat based in Steamboat Springs and dated back to January 4, 1895.

“A lot of it literally crumbled into quarter- and dime-sized pieces,” Moore told the Steamboat Today.

Moore managed to keep two larger pieces of the newspaper intact.

“I’ve never taken apart a mount that old myself; you never know what they used, from newspaper to grass,” Moore added.

How’s that for rediscovering some ancient American history?

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(Photo source: Craig Miller)