Elk NetworkNumbers Don’t Lie: Hunting Is Conservation

General | February 14, 2020

For years now, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation continually maintained that Hunting Is Conservation. Statistics provided by the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and National Shooting Sports Foundation show that continues to ring true thanks to conservation funding generated by hunting as well as recreational shooting and fishing.

2019 conservation facts:

  • $872 million generated from hunting licenses
  • $797 million generated by Pittman-Robertson funds from hunting & recreational shooting-related excise taxes

Historic conservation facts:

  • State fish & wildlife agencies received more than $62.1 billion since 1939 thanks to hunters/anglers
  • 60 percent of funding for state fish & wildlife agencies is paid for by sportsmen & women
  • Hunters/target shooters/gun owners contribute nearly $9.4 million every day to support state wildlife agencies & conservation
  • Hunters/target shooters/gun owners contribute more than $3.4 billion annually to support state wildlife agencies & conservation

Sportsmen & women also contribute to:

  • providing healthy, abundant fish & wildlife populations through habitat improvement and species management
  • access to public lands
  • boat launches
  • recreational shooting facilities
  • improved water quality
  • soil conservation
  • boater safety programs

(Photo source: National Shooting Sports Foundation)