Elk NetworkNew Sponsorships for a New Year

Volunteer News | January 20, 2021

With 2020 behind us, we hope that 2021 brings some version of normal back, both within RMEF and everyday life. The New Year always brings excitement to get back to RMEF banquets and events. However, I think it is safe to say that the desire is much stronger this year than any other year in recent memory. With this excitement comes an equally exciting new program that RMEF is launching for local events and chapters nationwide—our new Chapter/Event Sponsorship Program.

Our 2021 Chapter/Event Sponsorship Program offers our attendees, local business partners, donors and others the opportunity to support our local chapters in a big way, while also enabling RMEF to give a little benefit back to the attendee or business. We have touched on the program a few times over the last six months, but here’s a recap.

We have broken our Sponsorship Program out into 7 different levels in order to offer something for a variety of folks. With each one of these levels comes an incentive obtained exclusively via this program. These Sponsorships are a great addition to our banquet program and directly benefit your local chapter.  Keep in mind that the Sponsor Program is not a Membership Program, so an annual membership is still needed to enjoy all of the benefits available through RMEF. However, each level includes a 1-year subscription to our Bugle magazine, if the sponsor is not receiving one already.

Level I: $500 level. This level is our entry-level Sponsorship. It still offers extraordinary value to our Sponsors. In 2021 we discontinued our $300 Sponsor Membership, but we tried not to discontinue some of the benefits that came with it. When one purchases the Level I Sponsorship, he or she automatically receives a set of YETI Hotshot Duo cups, as well as a custom RMEF bag of coffee from Black Rifle Coffee Company.  In addition to this incentive, for every five, Level 1 Sponsorships sold, one of the sponsors will win a Weatherby Vanguard Nutmeg Laminate Sporter rifle chambered in .300 WBY.

After Level I of our Sponsor Program, we have six more levels, each increasing in cost until we get to Level VII at $10,000. Details on each level can be found on our promotional poster. Make sure to check the poster out for more information on all of the incentives. However, here’s the basics of what you need to know:

The amazing incentives for all of these levels come from partners that are some of the best manufacturers in their respective markets, like YETI, Browning, Weatherby, Nosler, Kimber, Winchester Leupold and Colt. Most of these items you can only receive via RMEF’s Sponsorship Program.

Unique items are part of every level. For example, our Level V Sponsorship, which is our $5,000 level, includes a completely custom Colt Python. This one-off revolver is part of Colt’s famous Snake Series, and includes 24-karat gold engraving. It features an antler scroll design, along with custom grips and a gold engraved RMEF logo. This true work of art would fit perfectly into anyone’s collection.

Next time you talk to members of your local chapter or your Regional Director, make sure to ask them about our new Chapter/Event Sponsor Program, and remember, quantities are limited, so jump on these as soon as you can. The purchase process is very simple, and after a sponsor signs up, we fulfill all items from Headquarters in Missoula, Montana, within a few short weeks. Please remember to give us local FFL information if the Sponsorship includes a firearm.  All levels also include a tax letter that sponsors can provide to their accountant for potential deductions.  If you have any questions at all, please reach out to your Regional Director.