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Gear 101 | November 12, 2019

For the past three years, Mathews archery has been on a roll, and they’re not stopping in 2020.

We’d like to introduce you to the new VXR, the most stable and stealthiest bow Mathews has ever built.

The big news on this bow is the new extended, six-bridge riser.
By changing the geometry of the bow, Mathews was able to make the riser longer, while still keeping it compact.

This particular model features a 31 and a half inch axle-to-axle and Mathews offers a 28-inch version as well.

The new V-X-R features the same highly-efficient Crosscentric Cam system found on other Mathews bows, which helps the V-X-R produce speeds of up to 344 fps.

Crosscentric Cams combined with Mathews’ SwitchWeight Technology enables shooters to increase or decrease draw weight in 5-pound increments without the need for a bow press or pro shop.

Simply remove the existing mod with an Allen wrench and replace it with another one.

An enlarged stabilizer bushing increases the stiffness of any attached stabilizer by up to 10 percent, which enhances accuracy and vibration dampening.

In addition, the slim ergonomic design of the Engage grip ensures consistent hand placement, which helps reduce torque and increase accuracy.

Another great new feature of the V-X-R is that it’s compatible with Mathews’ S-C-S or Silent Connect System—a versatile add-on that allows for easy attachment of a bow rope and sling.

If you look closely, you’ll also see a new dovetail mounting system, which will accommodate the Mathews Ultra rest.

This compact, micro-adjust rest allows for quick and easy setup while providing precision tuning both horizontally and vertically.

To round out the list of features, the V-X-R features repositioned 3D Damping Technology that offers unparalleled noise-reduction and vibration dampening.

The design and location of the Enhanced Harmonic Stabilizer (EHS) drastically reduces post-shot noise and virtually eliminates felt recoil.

This bow launches today, so head down to your local Mathews retailer and give the new V-X-R a shot.

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