Elk NetworkNevada Announces Inaugural Moose Hunt

General | February 19, 2024

Below is a portion of the Nevada Department of Wildlife’s February Newsletter.

After several years of monitoring, information gathering, and data analysis by Department personnel, the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners approved a hunting season for moose beginning in fall 2024.

Seasons were developed in consultation with area biologists, experts from neighboring states, as well as a firm understanding of the biological parameters influencing movements and demographics of moose in the Silver State.

Currently, annual survival for adult moose is 98% +/- 4%, and calf recruitment ranges from 55 calves per 100 cows to 73 calves per 100 cows, annually. Both metrics suggest exceptional population growth potential, which is corroborated by a nearly 300% increase in observations occurring in 2023.

While Nevada is not often associated with quality moose habitat, results of a habitat selection analysis indicated moose have found available pockets of riparian vegetation, timber, and mountain brush communities necessary to meet their life-history demands.

The regulated and sustainable moose hunt will provide a few lucky Nevadans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue Nevada’s newest big game species, while providing the Department with critical information about age structure and health of the moose population.

(Photo credit: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)