Elk NetworkNevada Adopts New Shed Hunting Regulations

General | March 10, 2018

Seeking to better allow elk and deer in eastern and central Nevada to winter, the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners approved a new regulation that prohibits the gathering or taking of shed anglers from public land in Elko, Eureka, Lander, Lincoln, Nye or White Pine counties from January 1 – April 30 each year.

The regulation originated from petitions coming out of the eastern Nevada County Advisory Boards to Manage Wildlife (CABMW).  These eastern Nevada CABMW have the most concentrated deer and elk winter ranges, most severe winters, and the heaviest shed hunting pressure.  Shed hunting is still open year-round in the other 11 counties in Nevada.

As shed hunting becomes more popular each year, mounting pressure from shed hunters has forced animals to move onto sub-par habitat and expend crucial energy reserves during critical winter months.

Shed hunting is also creating increased traffic around big game winter ranges and results in habitat impacts and road degradation on both private and public lands.  It was the combination of animal disturbance and habitat degradation that was the basis for the regulation.

(Photo source: Nevada Department of Wildlife)