Elk NetworkNative Virginians in Awe, See Elk in Their Home State for the First Time

Conservation | May 8, 2018

“There’s another one!”

“Oh my God.”

“I can’t believe we’re seeing this.”

“I don’t even fully understand all the feelings I experienced the first evening we were there, watching that herd of elk, many born right here in Virginia, grazing along the hillside as the sun set behind them.”

“It was awe inspiring to see a wild elk herd in my home state.”

Such was the emotional outpouring of ‘proud’ Virginians who saw elk with their own eyes on the ground in their native state for the first time. The trip was captured in a blog post by graphic designer, photographer, writer and outdoorsman Ed Felker.

Felker also captured photos of the first-ever wildlife habitat work day hosted and carried out by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation volunteers from Virginia.

“The group of volunteers included men, women and children from all over the area, including a group from the recently started West Virginia elk restoration project which is using the materials that were used here to construct the quarantine pens. All told, volunteers logged 285 total hours of work that day, and were rewarded with a great meal afterwards, also provided by volunteers,” wrote Felker.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation assisted with successful elk reintroductions in both Virginia and continuing efforts in West Virginia.

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(Photo source: Ed Felker)

(Group photo: Kathy Funk)