Elk NetworkMother’s Day Rescue

General | June 14, 2017

“My dad and I found a fawn trapped in a groundhog hole on Mother’s Day. We could tell it was in there for days because we had seen momma deer hanging around the spot for the last 2 days. We could not just pull her out, we had to dig her out. What an adventure! We returned her to momma and all is well. Happy Mother’s Day!”

-Brian Forsburg

“We found this little deer in a groundhog hole. We thought it was a little goat that got away until we got down in the woods. And we saw this little black nose and a couple of ears sticking out so we had to get a bar and a spade. Brian and I dug him out.”

-Brian’s father

While it seems this story played out to the best scenario and the fawn was reunited with it’s mother, RMEF asks that if you come across newborn wildlife, leave it alone.