Elk NetworkMother to Kids: Put Your Phones Down, Let’s Go Hunting

General | October 18, 2017

A mother from Oklahoma likes to take her three children hunting because she says it teaches them respect for animals, gives them time to grow their relationships, and oh yeah, it keeps them off their cell phones.

“They don’t bring their phones, so we can properly talk, laugh and connect,” Heather Del Moral told the Mirror.

Del Moral, who works for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, doesn’t force her kids to go. They enjoy it. They also learn along the way.

“Hunting gets children out there amongst nature, and teaches them respect for animals. They’re fascinated by the biology of it all too. They help clean the animals, and I show them the heart and talk them through all the different chambers. Even if we don’t harvest, hunting is always an adventure,” she said.

(Photo source: PA Real Life)