Elk NetworkMissourians Weigh In on Possible Elk Hunt

General | January 3, 2019

Nearly a decade after restoration, the state of Missouri is considering holding an elk hunt in 2020. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) held up a series of public gatherings to gather input on the possibility.

“I talked to people at three public meetings and they said they want a fair opportunity for all Missourians to hunt an elk, regardless of income status,” Aaron Hildreth, MDC elk expert and cervid biologist, told the Springfield News-Leader. “They also want the opportunity limited to Missourians, who already pay an eighth-of-a-cent sales tax to support conservation. As our elk population grows, maybe there could be an opportunity for non-Missouri residents to seek a permit.”

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation provided more than $400,000 for the initial 2011 reintroduction of elk onto their historic Missouri range.

(Photo source: Missouri Department of Conservation)