Elk NetworkMissouri Offers Online Hunter Education ‘Game’ for Certification

General | October 18, 2022

Below is a new release from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Missouri hunters in need of hunter education certification now have a new interactive online offering in addition to existing hunter education courses. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has expanded its partnership with the hunter safety course provider Kalkomey Enterprises, LLC, to offer a new fun and engaging, game-style learning option through the online site ilearntohunt.com/.

“This new immersive, scenario-based offering allows hunter education participants to have game-like experiences by creating avatars and selecting their preferred game species and geographies,” explained MDC Hunter Education and Shooting Range Coordinator Justin McGuire.

Preview the new online offering at player.vimeo.com/video/706253380?h=0a9f3bc413.

McGuire added that the new online option provides immediate quality feedback on real-time decision making for more than 50 in-course exercises. “They’re really fun and engaging, and they still cover all of our hunter education standards,” he said.

Missouri’s hunter education course is required for any hunter born on or after Jan. 1, 1967, unless exempt. MDC offers a two-step format for hunters 11 to 15 years of age that consists of a knowledge portion taken online, through a self-study guide, or in a classroom setting followed by a four-hour skills session and final exam. Missouri residents 16 years of age and older can complete the entire program online without the need for a skill session. Learn more about MDC’s Hunter Education program at mdc.mo.gov/huntereducation.

The new online offering will place participants based on their age at the time of registration. Participants 11-15 years of age will complete the knowledge portion online but will still be required to take an in-person skills session. Participants 16 years of age and older can complete the entire certification requirement through the online course.

The cost for the new online Interactive Knowledge Course is $39.95 paid to the online course provider. The price of the online Traditional Knowledge Course is $24.95. The self-study guide and classroom sessions are free, along with the in-person skill session and final exam.

“MDC has a proud history of providing hunter education going back to 1957 when it began as a voluntary course in Missouri,” said McGuire. “Since then, MDC has provided hunter education training and certification to about 1.4 million Missourians.”
He added that MDC’s hunter education offerings have changed over the years to meet the changing needs of the public. “The new offerings are a perfect example,” McGuire said. “Participants of all ages will find these interactive courses engaging and fun with just the right amount of challenge.”

Get started on the new online Missouri hunter safety course at ilearntohunt.com/missouri/

(Photo credit: Missouri Department of Conservation)