Elk NetworkMinnesota Woman Turns to the Outdoors

General | April 28, 2018

She loves to hunt. She loves to fish. She grew up doing neither.

Ashley Peters now ventures out into the wild seeking to fill her freezer.

“I misunderstood hunting for a long time. Now I think of it as an experience — an almost art-like experience — in which I can see and understand the nuances of habitat, learn ethics from masters, and appreciate nature on new and different levels,” Ashley Peters told the Star Tribune.

“I shoot trap, sporting clays and hunt with female friends, but this too involved a lot of time outside my comfort zone. The reality of hunting is that you have to pass through multiple awkward stages that make even competent outdoors people feel incompetent. I have never been ashamed of this, but it is unsettling,” Peters added.

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(Photo Star Tribune)