Elk NetworkMerrill Lake Public Access Project

Conservation , onX Public Access | December 28, 2017

Like the water rings formed from a pebble dropped into a pond, conservation work benefiting one species can have a positive trickledown effect on many others.

Such is the case in southwest Washington where the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation joined forces with other partners to permanently protect more than 1,400 acres of prime habitat.

The Merrill Lake project benefits Washington’s largest elk herd but that’s only part of the picture. It also protects habitat for black-tailed deer, mountain lions, black bears, osprey, eagles and others critters as well as riparian habitat for salmon and steelhead. And it features some of the coldest fresh water inputs that lead into the lower Columbia River system.

Coupled with a nearby 2015 RMEF project, the combined effort opens access to nearly 1,800 acres for hunting, fishing and other recreation near Mt. St. Helen’s.

Opening and improving public access lies at the heart of RMEF’s conservation mission.

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