Elk NetworkLouisiana 12-Year-Old First Youth Ever to Win Wyoming Super Tag

General | June 24, 2020

Of the nearly 16,000 tickets in the 2019 Wyoming Super Tag raffle pot only one would be drawn. And that ticket ended up belonging to Ayden Fatherree, a seventh-grader from Prairieville, Louisiana. His grandmother purchased it for him when she applied for his cow elk license.

“When I got out of school, my dad took me to my grandparents’ house so they could tell me about the call from Wyoming Game and Fish. At first, I did not understand what they were telling me,” Fatherree told Wyoming Wildlife magazine. “I thought I had drawn a cow elk tag and was very happy. When they explained more in depth what the Elk Super Tag meant, I almost passed out. It was a dream come true.”

Ayden’s Wyoming adventure included shooting practice, snow, adrenaline, multiple bull elk and a memorable result.

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(Photo source: Wyoming Wildlife magazine)