Elk NetworkLegal Victory: Federal Land Remains Open to Hunting

General | December 9, 2022

The opportunity to hunt and fish on 2.2 million acres of land within the national wildlife refuge system still is in place thanks to efforts by a hunting alliance that includes the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Plaintiffs in the case looking to thwart access settled with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

USFWS expanded hunting and fishing in 2020.

“There is a lot at stake in this appeal. This suit is nothing more than a baseless attack on hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation at a time when we have seen unprecedented growth in participation by Americans across our great nation,” Kyle Weaver, president and CEO of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, said in April 2022. “Ensuring quality hunting opportunities exist is core to RMEF’s mission and we will vehemently defend commonsense rules that allow our members those opportunities.”

There is a caveat for the anti-hunting effort. In exchange for dismissing the lawsuit, USFWS said it will respond to another filing by plaintiffs seeking to phase out lead ammunition and fishing tackle within those refuge system lands.

(Photo credit: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)