Elk NetworkIdaho Increases Price for 2021 Nonresident Elk, Deer Tags

General | October 27, 2020

Below is a news release from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Most nonresident hunters, anglers and trappers will pay higher prices for licenses, tags and fees starting Dec. 1. Price increases will vary by item, but here are new prices for some of the most popular licenses and tags for adult nonresidents:

  • Nonresident combination hunting/fishing license increase from $240 to $264
  • Nonresident hunting license increase from $154.75 to $185
  • Nonresident fishing license increase from $98.25 to $108
  • Nonresident deer tag increase from $301.75 to $351.75
  • Nonresident elk increase from $416.75 to $651.75

Nonresidents cannot buy 2021 hunting, fishing or trapping licenses until Dec. 1, however, they can buy three-year licenses at current prices, which will be valid through 2022.

Nonresident hunters can buy 2021 deer and elk tags starting on Dec. 1, and tags for popular elk zones are expected to sell out quickly. Nonresident deer and elk tags sold out last year much earlier than in previous years, so hunters should expect similar sales for 2021 tags.

Fish and Game has not increased nonresident prices in more than a decade with the last increase happening in 2009. To see a full price list, and other changes for 2021, go to the nonresident licenses, tags and permits webpage.

(Photo source: Idaho Department of Fish and Game)