Elk NetworkIdaho Hunter ‘Super’ Lucky

General | May 10, 2017

If there was ever a guy who should play the lottery, it’s Dustin Stevenson of Boise, Idaho. Actually, the lifelong-Idaho resident makes it a regular occurrence of putting in for the Super Hunt tag and he was drawn for the antelope tag four times since 2004.

“I’ve always had my name in the hat,” said Stevenson. “You can’t win if you don’t play, just like the saying goes.”

Stevenson isn’t as lucky as you might think. He put in for the antelope controlled hunt for 31 years only to be drawn once. But he does have an affinity for chasing antelope.

“Antelope are fun because you can go out any time of day and see animals. And there can be a big one anyplace,” Stevenson added. “Antelope are hard to judge. Aside from bears (which are measured by their skull size), antelope are the hardest.”

Super Hunts are a special drawing for Idaho’s best big game tags for deer, elk, moose and pronghorn. Such a tag allows the hunter to hunt any unit – general or controlled – that’s open for that specific species.

Find more information about Idaho’s Super Hunt tag here.

(Photo source: Dustin Stephenson)