Elk NetworkI Am a Woman; I Am a Hunter

General | March 15, 2017

Occasionally a piece comes along so well written, that it speaks to the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Aby Rinella wrote one of those pieces for the NRA Family blog on her “coming of age” experiences as a woman, spouse, mother and hunter. A short excerpt from the story:As I grew up, I began my own journey with hunting.
After I took my Hunter Safety course, I began to wrestle with the concept of it all, questioning if this was going to be a part of who I was.
Could I harvest an animal? Once in my sights, could I pull the trigger?
This wasn’t just something you “did,’’ it was a greater decision than that, and it had to be made for myself.

Eventually my roots, where I came from and who I am came out full force.

I am a woman.
I am a hunter.