Elk NetworkHunting Mentor Group Accepts RMEF Grant Funding

General | May 14, 2021

First Hunt Foundation (FHF), a nonprofit organization providing mentor-based hunting experience to ensure the future of hunting, accepted a $96,850 grant from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Torstenson Family Endowment.

“This grant is very timely and appreciated. Covid has slowed our operations down, but now we’re building back up to full speed and the funds will help expand our operations across the country,” Rick Brazell, FHF founder and president, told the Idaho County Free Press.

FHF operates out of Kamiah, Idaho, and seeks to establish a presence across the nation. As of today, it does so in 29 different states.

FHF focuses on finding individuals who have a desire to learn hunting skills and then matches him or her with a mentor who helps and trains participants to learn how to hunt. All mentors are required to pass a background check and follow a code of conduct while mentees are never required to contribute funds toward their field experiences. FHF currently has 482 background-checked mentors across much of the United States.

(Photo source:  First Hunt Foundation)