Elk NetworkHunting Is Conservation – Hunting, an Integral Part of our Heritage

Conservation | January 19, 2021

Dating back to the beginning of time, man and woman hunted.

Archeological findings coupled with biblical and other historical sources indicate hunting as a way of life.

Ancient inhabitants relied on hunting for food, shelter, clothing and other needs to ensure their survival.

Every culture lived off the land and relied on hunting.

In doing so, inhabitants forged a deep connection with the land, waters and wildlife around them…connections that continue to this day.

Humans pick berries, mushrooms or other wild edibles…cut and burn wood, grow and harvest their own food by raising gardens or much larger crops.

They also fish and have a variety of domesticated pets, chickens, horses, cattle or other animals.

And of course, they hunt.

Hunting provides lean, organic and nutritious protein for family and friends that is free of chemicals and preservatives.

Funding generated by hunters from elk and deer tags, and licenses for ducks, geese, upland birds and other wildlife species pays for ongoing land and wildlife conservation efforts.

Hunting not only supplies an innate connection to the outside world but it fills a part of the human soul.

Forging bonds with the land and animal life around us, providing food security, managing wildlife populations, promoting conservation and valuing wildlife species…all highlight how Hunting Is Conservation.