Elk NetworkHunters Use Mountain Bikes to Pack Out Bull Elk

General | November 14, 2018

Pack it out on your back. Drag it out. Bring it out with a horse. Place it on an ATV. There are a number of different ways to bring an elk out of the mountains but what about by using a mountain bike? That’s what hunting buddies Jimmy Smith and Kelly Rooney did on a hunt in northwest Montana.

“We’d found this spot about six years ago and Kelly texted me what I thought about using mountain bikes,” Smith told the Daily Interlake. “We kicked it around and decided to give it a try.”

The bikes allowed them to get into the backcountry farther and quicker than hunters on foot. After successfully shooting an elk and quartering it out, they lashed the meat to a pole which they then lashed to the posts on their bike seats.

“It sure was a better way to get it out. It rarely works out like that, but it did that day. It really worked well, kind of like we had imagined it would.”

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(Photo source: Daily Interlake)