Elk NetworkHow To Effectively Use Binoculars and Tripods with Randy Newberg

Gear 101 , Hunting | November 21, 2017

Western Hunting is a game of glassing with quality optics. The country is too vast and the terrain too challenging to think you can walk it all.

In this video Randy Newberg explains how he uses a tripod for his binoculars, in this case Leupold binoculars of either a 15x or 10x magnification. Using a tripod stabilizes your image, causes you to slow down, and allows you to examine the entire field of view before moving your optics.

Always glass the close areas first, then moving to areas further away. Gridding is essential to make sure you don’t overlook any part of the landscape. I will grid a piece of terrain many times before moving on and finding a new piece of landscape to examine.

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