Elk NetworkHarvest Exceeded in 2021 Wisconsin Wolf Hunt

General | February 26, 2021

Wisconsin hunters and trappers killed 218 wolves before the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) closed the 2021 February 2021 season after just two and a half days.

The total is above the quota of 200 set for the 2021 winter season split between the state and Ojibwe tribes. However, Fred Prehn, chair of the Natural Resources Board originally wanted a quota of 350 since an estimate of the state’s wolf population is 1,000 or more than 200 percent above the DNR’s state management plan.

“Clearly, the quota wasn’t taking the 350 in mind. I mean, we’ve seen in the last two to three days tops, there’s a lot of wolves on the landscape — a lot,” Prehn told Wisconsin Public Radio. “I hope the scientists can figure out exactly how many wolves they feel are roaming Wisconsin because I think it’s a lot more than one thinks.”

The DNR plans to wrap up wolf population counts in April and plans to hold another wolf hunt, in line with state law, in November.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation submitted public comment in favor of a February 2020 wolf season and views predator management as an important part of overall successful wildlife management.

(Photo credit:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife)