Elk NetworkA Revitalized and Growing Chapter in the Cornhusker State

Volunteer News | November 19, 2021

Most people usually don’t think of elk when they think of Nebraska, but one chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is hoping to leave their mark on elk conservation and the organization. The Omaha Chapter of RMEF was established in 2002, but after a few years of early success, the chapter fell on hard times and ceased events for an interim.  In 2017, a new group of volunteers joined RMEF and decided that they wanted to resume banquets. Led by Justin Bostic, the chapter chair, the volunteers started the journey of rebuilding. The first few years were a challenge, but the chapter grew and added more volunteers and built their banquet.  In 2019, Beau Denker joined the committee as a co-chair with Justin and the Omaha chapter doubled the total chapter activity from 2018. The chapter repeated this feat each year from 2019 to 2021.  Since reviving the chapter, they have been playing a doubles game and it is paying off!  In 2021, the banquet netted over $45,000 for on the ground conservation.

Justin and Beau are leading the chapter to its recent success with the help of an awesome committee.  They are always looking at how they can improve the banquet for the attendees and how to make more money for the mission.  Looking forward into 2022 there are some lofty goals that the Chapter is shooting for.  They would love to double their donations again, and with the present committee and the competitive mindset of the chapter chairs, this likely won’t be a problem.  “Keep your eyes open for the Omaha RMEF chapter because they are looking to do big things,” says regional director, Levi Wofford.  “This chapter is one to look out for in the future of RMEF.”